Rome, the advantage of having Fonseca on the bench


Paulo Fonseca (photo Mancini)

Those who have a she-wolf tattooed on the heart say that the most beautiful phrase in the world is not "I love you" but "Rome ahead". This is because, they say, there is nothing more beautiful in the world than seeing one's team ahead of a goal. Beyond words and romanticism, there is an eloquent fact that accompanies the story of Paulo Fonseca's Roma: in 14 official matches, the Giallorossi went ahead 11 times. A constant in practice. In just three circumstances, Roma either did not really hit the mark (Atalanta and Sampdoria) or was forced, by succeeding, to remount (Cagliari). All the other times she was able to score the first goal of the match. As happened yesterday against Napoli. A quality that has not always led to victory (see the matches against Genoa and Lazio, and the two Europa League matches against Wolfsberger and Borussia M'Gladbach), but which must be analyzed to the end. Giving him more than an interpretation. Type: Rome is a team that always tries to play the game, to impose its game or its quality. Or: Paulo Fonseca is a technician who carefully studies the characteristics of the opposing team and the strategy of the game, to the point that he often manages to exploit the defects of others to gain a more or less immediate advantage. Or again: the mental approach to the match of the Roman team is systematically positive. Reversing the subject, moreover, it cannot be accidental that in 14 games Roma only went 2 times (Atalanta and Cagliari).
Against Napoli there was once again Nicolò Zaniolo, in the fourth goal in a row between league and cup, to uncork the match. As had happened in Udine, for example. A blow to the left practically at the intersection of the poles to beat Meret and pack the network number 11 with the Giallorossi jersey, the tenth at the Olympic stadium. Nicolò is growing from race to race and has recently begun to frame the door as he never had before. Fonseca continues to use it from outside to the right, and this – beyond all the considerations that are made about the role of the boy – seems to be the best tactical arrangement to enhance his technical and athletic qualities. When he manages to catch the ball, turn around and aim for the opponent's goal, Zaniolo often becomes unstoppable. And Rome, with games, goals and a lot of heart, goes.


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