Rome, terror in the station: pushed on the tracks when the train arrives


Fear at Rome Trastevere station, where a woman has pushed a 40 year old on the tracks when the train arrives. The railway police, as reported by Ansa, arrested the culprit for attempted murder after viewing the security camera footage.

The woman who made the gesture is an immigrant of Bulgarian origin with mental problems that has no relationship with the victim, of Peruvian nationality, who is now in serious condition.

Transported to the hospital in red code, the victim underwent surgery to remove a kidney and spleen. The arrested woman, on the other hand, is guarded in a psychiatric hospital.

Posting his testimony on Facebook, a commuter told the story this way: "It happened at platform 4 where a Leonardo Express was arriving direct to the airport".

"Suddenly," the witness continued, "they felt the cries of despair of a woman who was on the tracks, while another barked on the platform ".

"Fortunately, two passengers managed to hoist the woman off the tracks a few seconds before the trains arrived," the witness concluded.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 11-15-2019 19:25

roma-woman-driven track-to-train

Photo source: Ansa

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