Rome, police chases the thieves: the shot and then the crash


TO Rome a chase occurred between the police and two thieves of Rolex. According to reports from the ANSA, the Flying Squad hawks have identified the criminals aboard a moped, on Corso Francia, and during the pursuit it would have been a shot exploded for intimidating purposes.

At that point the robbers made a reversal and fled in the wrong direction, but their escape was interrupted by a police car on which they crashed.

As the ANSA reports, the episode ended with thearrest of the two robbers. Two policemen were injured instead.

Many people gathered on the sidewalks asking for information, after the arrival of the ambulances that rescued the two injured police officers.

Stefano Pedica of the Democratic Party, as reported by the ANSA, said: "Solidarity with the two agents who were injured while trying to stop two Rolex thieves, who rammed the police car".

Then he pointed the finger at the mayor grillina: "Ray is still convinced that this city has not become a far west? After all what happened in the last few weeks it is clear that there is a security problem and that we need to increase the presence of the police in the capital ".

There are several episodes of violence that occurred in Rome, such as themurder of Luca Sacchi, thefire at the "Pecora Elettrica" ​​library and thestabbing of Celtic fans.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 10-11-2019 13:37


Photo source: ANSA

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