Rome, in the head of Petrachi there is already Hysaj


ROME – The scenario in Trigoria is outlined since the summer: it comes out Florenzi, come in Elseid Hysaj for a permanent replacement. There Rome has the agreement with the player, right back of the Naples and captain of the Albanian national team, since the days of the negotiations for Veretout: the prosecutor is the same, Mario Giuffredi, who has been pushing for a long time to close the deal. The problem is that De Laurentiis, now busy in other matters, asks 25 million to sell Hysaj, despite the reserve status that has become undeniable after the purchase of Di Lorenzo.

Hysaj at Roma, that's when the negotiation could break

Like so many companions in recent weeks, Hysaj he had problems with the president and will not renew the contract, which expires in 2021. He would not necessarily leave Naples but he understood that for his career it can be counter-productive to stay: so far Ancelotti, before breaking the sternum, he gave him only 54 minutes in the season, all in the league. Petrachi wait calmly for the times to negotiate to mature, between January and June. Negotiations could already be unblocked in the winter market if Chelsea agreed to resume with six months in advance Zappacosta, the quarterback that Roma had on loan. But it is more likely that we will talk about it again in June: approaching 26, Hysaj belongs to the Under 27 category on which the new club policy plans to invest.

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