Rome, another fire in a room near the burned bookshop: it is the Baraka Bistrot | The owner: "Enough, we won't reopen"


The Baraka Bistrot had recently reopened and had expressed "solidarity with the fellow friends of" LaPecoraElettrica ". On its Facebook page, the regional councilor of Lazio, Marta Bonafoni, published news and photos of the fire at the bar." we have a big problem like this ", he underlined.

"Tonight also Baraka Bistrot was destroyed by the malicious fire of the infamous and cowards. It is an attack that the community of Centocelle cannot see alone. The criminals who want to decide the fate of the territory must be defeated, together. Nobody must be left behind and everyone, starting from the institutions, must do his part with courage ", writes on Facebook Gianluca Peciola, Civic Movement for Rome.

Rogo Centocelle, the owners of the restaurant: "A disaster" "We had closed at three in the morning and at four they called us, there was a fire." Thus the owners of the Baraka Bistrot in Centocelle. "After the fire at the Electric Sheep we didn't see any more police, maybe they were somewhere else. Everything is destroyed here, it's a disaster," they say.

"Tired of fighting, we will not reopen" "We have just opened, in September. There is little to say. We just clean up everything. We won't reopen. You can't fight against something you don't know what it is," they add. "I received a call from the mayor who expressed my sincere solidarity," they underline.

Rays: "Don't give up, the institutions are with you" "Don't give up, the institutions are with you". It is the message that the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, with his visit to Centocelle, wanted to send to the managers of the premises that had recently been burned, turning more generally to the inhabitants of the area. La Raggi first visited the Baraka Bistrot, then went to the street where "La Pecora Elettrica" ​​was also on fire.

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