ROME – Al-Thani-Naples, "bomb" launched from England: the reaction of De Laurentiis


Salvatore Caiazza, journalist, in his editorial for the newspaper Il Roma, focused on Al-Thani's alleged interest in acquiring Naples.

The news happened as the cheese on macaroni. In this moment of great chaos, all that was missing was that one of the richest sheiks in the world decided to make an offer to buy Naples. Not even to do it in the mail, the voice of the interest of the emir Al-Thani for the blue club it came out when it seems that Aurelio De Laurentiis is losing everything by hand. Anyone who knows the president knows that it takes much more to make him give up his creature and that is why "bomb" launched by the Daily Mail is a hoax more than ever. First of all because the Koreans, the Chinese and the Americans arrived in Italy, but not even the shadow of sheiks. This means that in Qatar they think of the Premier, the Ligue 1 and La Liga and certainly not the Serie A. Also because in England, France and Spain the extra-curricular interests are many. Moreover, it is very easy to build a stadium while in the Belpaese the bureaucratic process is very long. But then the bill was made without the host. It does not appear to anyone that ADL wants to sell Naples. If he really had to turn around on his future he would do it for 900 million euros and certainly not for 560 as it is written on the Daily Mail website. For half the amount the film producer, today in Los Angeles, doesn't even sit and talk. Then maybe he could even think about selling his jewel. But at the moment there are no such thoughts.

ITEMS THAT DISTURB. Naples, however, has not broken as much. It tells of one reaction with lots of laughter from the patron. Who has other problems to solve given that his group is doing little. Certainly these news are not good for the Neapolitan environment. Especially that of the fans. The square is very disappointed with Insigne and his companions. And he highlighted it at the end of the match tied with Genoa. The whistles hadn't come for a long time. But the bottom has touched with the Grifo. Much better could have been done but apparently the players were stuck for what had happened since Tuesday night after the draw with the Salzburg in the Champions League. The mutiny had a domino effect that threatened to blow up Ancelotti's bench. At the moment the exemption is not foreseen. De Laurentiis is convinced that Carletto manages to get out of the crisis already at the resumption of the tournament at Milan. Until December 22nd, seven races will have to be played. Two of Champions and five of championship. Three in Serie A will be away, two at home. If you can already see the old Napoli at the Meazza, it will be a success. If you do not lose in Liverpool it would be the best. And we could seriously start to get serious.

Source: Salvatore Caiazza for Il Roma

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