Rome, a woman dies hit by a truck in the Appia Nuova area


Travolta and killed by a truck while crossing the road. For Alessia M., a 42-year-old Roman, there was nothing to do when she was overwhelmed and killed on Via Appia this morning. The first to arrive at the site were the firemen who recovered the body of the woman caught between the wheels of the heavy vehicle. According to the first findings of the VII group Appio of traffic wardens, the 42-year-old was crossing the street on the strips at Via Menghini when the truck overturned it.The 42-year-old Roman driver stopped to ask for help. He was then accompanied to the Policlinico Umberto I for alcohol and drug tests. The road was closed for about two hours to allow agents to proceed with the surveys. The truck was immediately confiscated.

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