Rome, 2 Celtic fans and a German tourist stabbed in Via Nazionale


After a high-voltage night, Celtic fans from Piazza delle Canestre arrived on ATAC buses escorted by police vans. Choirs, beers in hand, the others who have decided to move from Viale Angelico on foot, have not however created inconveniences. At the moment the situation, around the Olympic stadium, under control.

On the night before the match, police and carabinieri rushed from one part of the center to the other following assaults, stabbings and fights. But also to escort a large group of ultra-Scots in the rain marching from Casal Bruciato, where they had attended a concert organized for them in the Intifada social center, up to the Tiburtina station, singing choirs against Lazio and in favor of Ira.

Stop a car loaded with bars and sticks

For now the budget of the evening of three people stabbed in circumstances yet to be clarified. They are not serious. Two of these – a Scotsman and a German, 52 and 36 years old – were hit in front of a pub on Via Nazionale. The second was wounded by a blow to one side and under observation. He wouldn't be a Celtic Glasgow fan, moving to Rome for tonight's match at the Stadio Olimpico against Lazio for the Europa League. Those who investigate are trying to ascertain whether, as the Scots say, the place was the object of an attack by hooded thugs, according to the Scottish Sun, perhaps from Lazio. On the spot, police and carabinieri together with the ambulances of the Ares 118. Another Scotsman was stabbed to death – not bad either – near the Opera House: he was alone in the street when he was surrounded by other people and struck with a blade. And still in Casal Bruciato the police stopped a car with five people on board, it would also be here belonging to the extreme fringes of the Lazio cheer, with bars and sticks near the social center. They were taken to the police station for investigations by the Digos that would have stopped and identified other suspects in the center. The five ultrs have been denounced for possession of objects to offend. For their proposal of Daspo at the request of the commissioner Carmine Esposito.

Armored the center and the stadium area

Fear then in Trastevere, in via della Lungaretta, where the owner of a restaurant was forced to lower the shutters to prevent some people from entering and attacking supporters of Celtic who were dining. And then in Castro Pretorio a taxi driver gave the alarm because four drunk Scotsmen he had taken on board to take them to the hotel had a fight between them: once on the ground, a jostling state was hit in the head after having fallen violently. On the spot the carabinieri who carried out investigations to reconstruct the story. Today in Rome expected the arrival of over 9 thousand of Celtic ultros, many of them belonging to the Green Brigade, which in the first match is opposed, even politically, with the Lazio. The ultra-ultra-right ultra-white groups greeted the streets of Glasgow with Roman greetings, and their hosts responded with a banner with Mussolini upside down and the phrase Follow your leader. There were no clashes, here perhaps the most worrying. Police Headquarters has launched a security plan with more than a thousand agents in the field, along with financiers and carabinieri. The password is to avoid contact between the two supporters that could degenerate into scuffles. Armored the area of ​​the Olympic stadium but also the squares of the center. The grouping of Scottish fans, famous throughout Europe not only for their warmth but also for their pro-Palestinian political affiliation, close to the proletariat and Marxism, will be in the late morning in Piazza del Popolo, then in Piazzale delle Canestre, in Villa Borghese, where dozens of Atac buses were placed at their disposal for escort transport to the Olimpico. Start kick at 6.55pm but gates open already from 4.00pm.

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