Roman Polanski, former actress Valentine Monnier accuses him of rape in a letter to Le Parisien: "He raped me in his mountain home"


He made it public with a letter to the newspaper Le Parisien, 44 years after the event: "In 1975 I was raped by Roman Polanski". The former French model and actress wrote it, Valentine Monnier, which thus launches a new rape accusation towards the director. In the text published by the transalpine newspaper, the woman also claims to have spoken of this episode also with Brigitte Macron, with the French Minister of Culture, Franck Riester, and with that of Equal Opportunities, Marlene Schiappa.

The woman claims to have made the decision to break the silence after the release of Polanski's new film, J'accuse, because he could not bear that the director compared himself to Alfred Dreyfus, Jewish victim of the famous affaire who shook French politics and showed the world the scourge ofanti-Semitism growing in nineteenth-century French society. Journalists from Le Parisien have tried and, according to what is reported, found confirmation of the story provided by the former model. "It is tolerable, under the pretext of a film, to hear J'accuse to the one who has branded you forever while you, a victim, is forbidden to accuse him? ”, asks the woman in the letter. But the response of the director's lawyers was not long in coming: "We firmly contest any accusations of sexual violence".

The woman then begins a reconstruction of her relationship with Polanski at the time: "I had no connection with him, neither personal nor professional, I barely knew him – he continues – Fu di una extreme violence, after a ski descent, in his chalet a Gstaad, in Switzerland. He attacked me, it filled me with beatings, then he raped me making me suffer everything. I had just finished 18 years". A violence that, according to the story, came after an initial refusal of the girl in front of advances of the director.

After the rape, according to the reconstruction, Polanski burst into tears apologizing for what he had just done. The young woman fled taking refuge from a neighbor of the director who confirmed the ex actress's version: "Valentine Monnier came to me upset, and I seem to remember that she had a bruise on her cheek – she said – She told me she was raped by Polanski ". Monnier is the fifth woman to accuse Polanski of sexual violence.


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