Roman Polanski accused of rape in France: the testimony of a former model on a 1975 violence


PARIS "In 1975 I was raped by Roman Polanski". To break a silence lasted 44 years was, last night, with a resounding letter to «Parisien», the photographer, former model and actress Valentine Monnier, the first French to accuse the great director. Monnier points out that in recent months he has spoken about it with the premiere dame Brigitte Macron, with ministers Franck Riester (Culture) and Marlene Schiappa (Equality between men and women), who offered their support but recalled that the facts are now prescribed.

The woman decided to come out, however, on the eve of the release in France of Polanski's last film, "J'accuse", because he can't stand the director being able to compare himself to the hero of the film, the Jewish captain Alfred Dreyfus, victim of an unfair judicial assault. "Is it tolerable, under the pretext of a film, to hear" J'accuse "to the one who branded you forever while you, a victim, are forbidden to accuse him?", Writes Valentine Monnier. His terrible story is confirmed by some witnesses reached by the "Parisien," while Polanski through the lawyer has already replied: "I strongly contest any accusation of sexual violence".

«I had no connection with him, neither personal nor professional and I hardly knew him – writes Valentine Monnier -. It was of extreme violence, after a ski descent, in his chalet in Gstaad, Switzerland. He attacked me, beat me up and then raped me making me suffer everything. I had just turned 18 ». At the time the girl was invited by a friend to ski in Switzerland with her family and Polanski. One day, on the chair lift, the director suggested that she "go to bed together". She refused. In the evening Polanski nevertheless invited her to pass by her chalet, "life had not yet taught me to be suspicious," says Monnier now.

After the tearful Polanski violence he would have apologized, doing promise the girl not to say anything. She took refuge with a neighbor of the director, who confirms: "Valentine Monnier came to me upset, and I seem to remember that he had a bruise on his cheek. He told me he was raped by Polanski. " Another friend contacted by Parisien adds that "that evening Valentine was very upset. Roman had psychological problems with women. Many were buzzing around him in hopes of getting a role. Valentine was very beautiful but she was not among them ". In addition to Samantha Geimer (13 years old at the time) and before Valentine Monnier, three other women accuse Polanski of having raped them when they were very young: Charlotte Lewis and "Robin" at 16, Renate Langer at 15.

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