Rogo Cavallera, stopped the pyromaniac: he is a homeless man


    <h2>The man had set fire to the former stables on October 21 last &quot;because he wanted to kill all the people inside&quot;</h2>


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    <p>The pyromaniac was identified and stopped by the police who, on October 21st in Turin, caused the fire that destroyed the former stables of the <strong>Royal Horseman</strong>, UNESCO heritage. As reported by the Ansa it is about <strong>Ottane Demga</strong>, a 38-year-old clochard of Moroccan origin born in Spain. According to the investigators he would have set fire &quot;because <strong>he wanted to kill all the people inside</strong>&quot;.

The man was arrested by agents of the Genoa police station, following a provision from the Turin prosecutor's office, following investigations carried out by the police. The 38-year-old was framed by the cameras of the Turin police station installed at the Cavallerizza for an investigation into a drug dealing activity in the building.

The cameras picked it up as it poured flammable material and tried to set fire with a lighter first in the Tempietto area, then in the Granai area. The day after the fire, the homeless man had been heard by the agents, but he had denied being there at the time of the fire and to have spent the night at the Murazzi del Po, still in the Piedmontese capital. His words, later, were denied by the images from the videos.

The man is accused of massacre. The magistrate Paolo Scafi, which coordinated the investigations with the deputy prosecutor Patrizia Caputo, stated: "It is the conduct of a person who wanted to make an attempt on life of certain subjects causing a vast danger to the occupants and residents of the area ".

People who slept in the part of the occupied structure on fire reported that they had been woken up and rescued by the police and the fire brigade. According to surveys, according to reports by Ansa, the man allegedly caused the fire following some internal quarrels with the other occupants after the police broke an abusive connection that provided energy to the building.

VIRGILIO NEWS | 08-11-2019 14:24

        <a href="" title="Torino, in fiamme Cavallerizza Reale: le immagini del rogo" data-md5="0c8850f8644b89e297912571e3fe2b2b">
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    <figcaption>Turin, on fire Cavallerizza Reale: the images of the stake</figcaption>                  

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