Rimini, invades the opposite lane and crashes into racing cars, 33-year-old loses his life


Involved a Lancia Y, a Citroen and a Mercedes, the man was a resident of Miramare

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    <div class="testoNews"><p>Tragic accident Saturday morning, just before 8am, on the SS16, in the Padulli area. A 33 year old, of Cuban origin and resident in Miramare, lost his life in a clash that involved three cars, a Citroen, a Mercedes and a Lancia Y: according to a first reconstruction the 33 year old, on board the Citroen, for reasons still in check, he invaded the opposite lane sweeping the racing cars. The impact was tremendous and for the driver there was nothing to do, he died instantly. On the spot, in addition to the staff of the 118, the police, the fire brigade, the municipal police who proceeded to block the roads to allow relief.<br/>
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