Rimini: Eduardo Ruiz Acosta is the victim of the dramatic crash on the Adriatic state


In the carambola involved two other cars: injured drivers of 38 and 47 years

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    <span class="img-caption">In the box Eduardo Ruiz Acosta.</span>                
    <div class="testoNews"><p>A tragic fate awaited him on Saturday morning, around 7:30, while he was on State Road 16: he lost control of his Citroen and crashed, losing his life, Eduardo Ruiz Acosta, originally from Cuba, was 33 years old (HERE news video). Of Cuban origin, he lived in Rimini, with his partner. The man, perhaps due to an illness, perhaps due to a stroke of sleep, but the causes are still being investigated, he lost control of the car and hit the guardrail catapulting into the opposite lane. From here came a Mercedes and a Lancia Y driven by a 38 year old and a 47 year old girl. The impact was extremely violent, the 33-year-old died instantly. On site, in addition to the staff of 118, the police, the fire brigade, the traffic police of Riccione who proceeded to block the roads to allow relief. The two women were transported to the emergency room for minor injuries.<br/>
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