Rimini, affected by HIV infects four women, arrested


A 39-year-old Brazilian woman suffering from AIDS was arrested by the Rimini police and placed under house arrest on charges of having infected a woman with HIV and having voluntarily exposed three others to the virus. Man must answer for the crime of serious injury. The investigations started in August on the recommendation of the cohabitant, who by chance had learned that the partner has HIV. Investigations by the carabinieri found that the 39-year-old had tested positive for HIV for some years and that in 2017 she had voluntarily suspended the therapy, then resumed sporadically the following year and then stopped completely. Three other women known on social media, who were unaware of the fact that the Brazilian was suffering from AIDS, confirmed that they had had unprotected sex with the suspect. For one of these the medical tests gave positive results. The investigators are analyzing the data of the computer used by the 39-year-old to trace any other women known on the internet.

November 14, 2019 (modified November 14, 2019 | 11:45)


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