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Is it possible that someone had warned the prefecture of the danger hours before the avalanche swept away the Rigopiano hotel, causing the death of 29 people? Roberta Rei and Marco Fubini investigated what happened, in the service you can see on Sunday from 9.15 pm on Italia 1

"The fire brigade they did the checks and there is no collapse at the Rigopiano hotel". These incredible words were spoken by an official of the prefecture, responding to one of the first people they called to raise the alarm immediately after the collapse of the Hotel Rigopiano. The structure was overwhelmed by an avalanche at 4:47 pm on 27 January 2017. In the tragedy 29 of the 40 people who died at that time died: it took hours before the alarm was believed and the rescue machine started up.

In the various reconstructions of the story we talked about an inevitable tragedy caused by a combination of exceptional snowfall and earthquake shocks that affected the hotel area. But what if things didn't really go that way? If it had been possible to avoid that tragedy, listening to an alarm cry already hours before that the avalanche overwhelmed the structure and the people who were there at that time?

Roberta Rei and Marco Fubini investigated what happened in those hours and on the existence of a call with a request for assistance arrived in the prefecture the morning of that terrible January 27th. But did that phone call disappear from the investigation records? And if so, why? Don't miss the service on Sunday from 9.15 pm on Italia 1.

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