Right-wing extremists planned to blow up a mosque in the Siena area: 12 suspects


interception "Stop the guys still, stop everyone, as we move we are watched", they would have said in another interception in which the group of right-wing extremists decides to interrupt the project to blow up the mosque, perhaps because they feared being discovered .

The suspects are uncensored The recipients of the search decree in the investigation of the DDA of Florence are all uncensored and among them there are also three employees of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank. Moreover, among them there is also a 60 year old considered the most active of the group. For the Digos, contacts between suspects, accused of abusive possession of weapons or explosives aggravated by the purpose of terrorism, took place both through social and personal networks, with direct meetings.

Offenses against Mattarella In an intercepted conversation the 60-year-old invoked the need to reconstitute a "republican national guard" capable of guaranteeing "weapons in hand" security to do "summary justice" without having to call the police. To resolve the Italian political issues, he still stated in another interception last October, "we need to shoot", "if there is to go to shoot – he continued – we all have arms and lots of them". Offenses also against the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

War bombs of the Second World War World War II bombs, gunpowder, TNT and silencers for handcrafted weapons were seized in the searches. In a garage bottles filled with gunpowder were found, emptying some bombs dating back to the last war.

On social photos with the uniform of the SS According to investigations, the 60-year-old would have posted on the social photos that portray him in a camouflage uniform with the insignia of the German SS, riding a military side-car. In another photo, posted with the commentary 'recalling the old days', he wears a camouflage and holds a rocket launcher. In another shot he is portrayed where Benito Mussolini was shot while with his hand he makes the gesture of shooting at an ANPI sign. He would also have set up a social group called "Ritorneremo".

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