Rieti, Poggio Mirteto beats 0-1 the Alba and fly to the top, decisive Luciani: enter, mark, get injured and leave. Report, comments and photos


The party of mirtensi players after the final whistle (Foto Passaro)

RIETI – Poggio Mirteto corsaro al Gudini returns to the summit. The mirtensi, thanks to a header from neoentrato Luciani, beat the now former league leaders Alba Sant’Elia 1-0, which today seemed not brilliant. Intense race, male, with many fouls on both sides.

First time poor in emotions, like only two pitches worthy of note: at 3 ', from the punishment at the edge of the area, the jewel of the bergers, Omar Mevoli, commits Napoleon, however good at rejecting the conclusion in a corner; the minutes pass without particular emotions for the large audience present at the "Gudini" (about 200 spectators) but, at 39 ', it is the Alba that becomes dangerous with the left-handed Matteo Cardini from the trocar, with the ball hissing at the stake right of Murante. The first half ends with a clean sheet.

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Shooting much more sparkling, with high rhythms and good phrasing by both teams. At 6 'Luciani enters the field of Nobili and it is Luciani himself who scores the 0-1 goal after the development of a corner beaten by Bonifazi. The same author of the goal was then forced to go out due to an injury. The match continues with the very aggressive Alba, thanks to the result in favor. With the home side skewed forward, Poggio would have the chance to double up on some good occasions, first with Mevoli and then with Marcelli, but the two blue-haired strikers waste the last and decisive step. In full recovery, a miracle of Murante on the conclusion in the area of ​​Antonacci: the goalkeeper saves the result by sending the ball in a corner. Thus ends at the "Gudini" in Rieti: Poggio Mirteto beats the Alba S.Elia 0-1 away and wins the first position in the standings in view of the recovery scheduled for Wednesday at the field of Atletico Sabina: starting from 0-0 of 30 '.

Marco Ianni (Manager of Alba S. Elia): «Difficult match, against a tough opponent. It was decided by a standing kick, on our inattention. We tried to equalize, conceding some counter-attacks to our opponents. Too bad for the missed goal in the final due to an excellent save by the goalkeeper. Congratulations to our opponents for the victory, we must continue to work ».
Antonio Domenici (Coach Poggio Mirteto): "Beautiful race, not spectacular but beautiful: the field, the value of the opponents, Mr. Fioravanti, bomber Antonacci, my friend Colasanti and, why not, the ranking. There were all the components to live a beautiful sports day. And so it was. Happy with the result because they got their nails against a great team. But I knew we could win it because this mine is a tough group that has a crazy identity and spirit. We didn't have a big race for charity but today we really enjoy the three points. I am very happy for Luciani's goal, a boy who can and must give me so much: he is so talented and he must make it available to everyone. The only negative note of today is the accidents of Avenali and Luciani himself. Also because we expect two races in 7 days and I wanted to play them in full rose. However, I dedicate this victory to our President who on Friday experienced an important day: with all my heart, best wishes President! Now head to Wednesday, another hard stage to live and overcome: we will have to recover our energy and go for an intense game because it will last only an hour. But I'm sure we'll be ready ".

Alba S. Elia: Napoleone, Alessandro Cesaretti (from 38 'st. Papucci), Palluzzi, Alesse, Panitti, Franceschini, Buzzi (from 33' st. Alessio Cesaretti), Liberali, M. Cardini, Cantonetti (from 16 'st. Ortenzi), Antonacci . Available: Chirciu, Valzecchi, Carloni, Caffarelli, Samperna, S.Cardini. Herds Marcello Fioravanti.
Poggio Mirteto: Murante, Avenali (from 6 'st. Quondamstefano), Masci (from 35' st. Guidi), Bonifazi, Gattarelli, Nobili (from 6 'st. Luciani and from 15' st. Diamanti), Fiori, Galletti, Odiki, Mevoli (from 45 '+ 2' Antonelli), Marcelli. Available: Bertoldi, De Santis, Gentili, Spurio. Att. Antonio Domenici.
Referee: Beloved of Tivoli
networks: 15 'st Luciani
Note: warned Alessandro Cesaretti, Palluzzi, M. Cardini, Franceschini, Alesse, Panitti (A), Nobili, Odiki, Masci (PM); corners: 3-5.


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