Revolution in the skies: easyJet with Airbus to get the first electric planes off the ground


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Green turn for easyJet. The area company becomes the first to fly at zero CO2 impact. Today the announcement by the same British company, of the compensation of all carbon dioxide emissions produced by fuel, on all the flights of its network and on behalf of all its passengers. And not only.

easyjet the first airline to fly at zero CO2 impact

easyJet, the note reads, will carry out the compensation of its emissions through accredited schemes based on the highest verification standards, such as Gold Standard and VCS, and contributing to a series of projects concerning, among other things, reforestation and the fight against deforestation, the production of energy from renewable sources and support programs for local communities. Today's announcement is part of a strategy that EasyJet has put in place to arrive at a progressive reduction in the compensation of emissions as new technologies become available.
Alongside easyJet there is Airbus. To achieve this goal, the company has announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the European aircraft manufacturer for the launch of a joint research project on hybrid and electric aircraft. In detail, easyJet and Airbus will study the implications and requirements necessary for the large-scale introduction of the new generation of sustainable aircraft to be used in commercial aviation.

In the last two years easyJet, according to the note, has supported Wright Electric, the American start-up that has set itself the goal of producing an all-electric plane for easyJet for use on short-haul flights. The company also cooperates with Rolls Royce and Safran for the development of new technologies able to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions produced by air flights. Since 2000, easyJet has already reduced carbon dioxide emissions per passenger / kilometer by over one third (33.67%). In 2013, easyJet publicly set itself the goal of limiting carbon emissions emitted per passenger / kilometer. In 2015 he then made the commitment to reduce them by 10% by 2022, compared to the values ​​recorded in 2016. Today the announcement of compensation for all carbon dioxide emissions produced by fuel, on all the flights of his network and for account of all its passengers. Finally, in addition to the commitment to its own emissions, easyJet is working to reduce waste on board and limit the use of disposable plastic throughout the supply chain. "Climate change is a problem that affects us all. At easyJet we decided to face this challenge head-on, choosing to offset the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the fuel used on all our flights, starting today ", he said. Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet. "In this way, we are committed to flying CO2 at zero impact across our entire network – the first time in the world for a major airline."

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