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A revolutionary novelty in view at Rome and Milan airports for safety, the rules on liquids in the suitcase and boarding

When traveling by plane you need to worry about what you put in your suitcase and you need to remember i documents and boarding pass. But soon technology will revolutionize all this by taking our thoughts and making it easy and fast to embark on your flight. All 'Rome Fiumicino airport and in the Milan airports of Linate and Malpensa by 2020, thanks to very important technologies, we could do without worrying about the rules on suitcase liquids and documents.

Those who will leave these airports in the coming months will be able to experience a new way to fly who will know a bit of a return to the past, or rather before 11 September 2001, but also of the future thanks to innovations that will guarantee security. It will no longer be necessary to put the liquids in the transparent bag and respect the limit of 100 ml (here the current rules on what you can bring and what not).

Fiumicino airport: facial check-in and rules on liquids in the suitcase

One of the biggest news at the Roman airport Leonardo da Vinci at Fiumicino and which will start from end of November 2019 it will be there Facial recognition. No more identity cards, passport or boarding pass. Our face will be enough (that there is no risk of forgetting it!). The control system will in fact be totally entrusted to biometrics and for the future the objective is precisely to record passengers' facial parameters and record them for at least one year.

Meanwhile, however, we start from Rome with this experimental phase in which the passenger will have to go to the airport with his passport, go to a special do-it-yourself machine where to record your document and your face. At the end of November this system will be tested only with the KLM company and only for Amsterdam destination.

In 2020 between February and March new Leonardo da Vinci will arrive scanner for checking hand luggage able to identify even small quantities of explosives. These more sophisticated machines will allow you to leave your liquids in your suitcase, your pc, your tablet or other device, without the need to take them out of the trolley. It will not be necessary to submit them to the control of the employees, as is the case now.

Milan Airports: liquids in your suitcase without limits

Like in Rome, also in Milan technology will change face to Malpensa and Linate airports, making boarding faster, guaranteeing even greater security. This will mean that there will be no more restrictions on the quantity of liquids that you can carry. And it will not be necessary to have your pc or tablet checked by the employees. This will be possible thanks to new baggage checking machines that will be like the TAC and therefore able to really see everything.

This new technology will arrive in Linate before thesummer 2020 and at Malpensa before the end of the year 2020. How in Rome then will come the Facial recognition: there will be kiosks where you can register your biometric data together with your document. The data will remain in memory for a year thus facilitating future flights without the need for boarding passes.

Furthermore, to further speed up boarding at Terminal 2 of Malpensa will be installed self bag drop. Passengers after checking in online will weigh themselves, affix the label and send their baggage in the hold. Moreover on your smartphone you can download theSea Milan Airports app which will give indications on how to reach the gate and other useful information to facilitate and speed up boarding.

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