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Giorgio Palmieri

Review Black Friday Shopping Mania – The curiosity of a navigated gamer has no boundaries. It is for this reason that we have spent the last few hours past on board Black Friday Shopping Mania, a title, evidently studied for a very young public, during which the thrill of hot black days full of offers is lived. You're wondering why we did it (we could have done this cloudy on Saturday) and why you're reading one review. Well, we did it for posterity and, of course, for the science.

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publisherCoco Play
DeveloperCoco Play
KindInteractive experience
Game modeSingle player
Price and purchaseFree with in-app purchases (Play Store)

The force buys more than the currency

In Italian it is found under the high-sounding name of Black Friday of crazy shopping – Game in the store, while English speakers can simply call it Black Friday Shopping Mania or Shopping Mania – Black Friday Fashion Mall Game: we assume therefore that he has identity problems. Basically, it is one of those interactive experiences focused on fashion, in which you have to take care of your digital heroine, and take possession of the most delicious merchandise at the most appetizing prices.

Choosing the age of the user and a model among the three available, one is immediately launched into the supporting mechanics of the game: at regular intervals, the shops of the shopping center, which serves as the main menu, will offer discounts with variable percentage on different items . The player can buy them digitally, but not before having fought with a rival if another model is interested, an event that seems to happen randomly. In this case, you will need to participate in a small one minigame where it will be needed to touch the green arrows to pull the goods to himself, ed to avoid those red, as they emerge from the bottom upwards, then fall into the void. If you have collected enough, of the green ones, of course, you will tear the dress from the rival's hands without restraint and you will be ready to wear it on your sweaty skin. For heaven's sake, we are not here to quibble about ethics and morality, but we don't believe that all this is a good teaching in the eyes of children …

To earn coins to spend shops, it is necessary to participate in small local activities, Which give money according to parameters ranging from random to specific. Fashion shows, for example, offer rewards based on the tokens touched during the walk on the catwalk, while the challenge between models puts two girls against each other and the choice of the most beautiful outfit will be yours: pity the winner will be decreed by the system in a way that continues to be unclear. You will also be able to take pictures for the cover of the trendy weekly, to scrape together some extra money.

The fulcrum of the experience remains in any case the personalization of the protagonist, on which it is possible to indulge in mascara, new haircuts, accessories and the more you have, the more you put it. The amount of advertising to be put up is exaggerated, because each section of the game is preceded by a longer or shorter spot. What is surprising, however, is the standardization of the present micro-transactions. There are only two in-app purchases available in the game, one of € 1.60 that eliminates advertising, and another, equal to € 8 net, which unlocks additional features and ensures endless coins. Strange that the hand has not been trodden on pounding purchases of additional currency.


Review Black Friday Shopping Mania Final judgement – So what about Black Friday Shopping Mania? That man's imagination always leaves us speechless, and that we certainly cannot be categorized among the production targets. Of course, it will be pure the exaltation of the most vulgar capitalism, assaulted by an exaggerated amount of advertising, yet, if for a long time a goat simulator has attracted the attention, we don't see why a bad video game on Black Friday can't do it: a party that yes, often generates needs of which we can do without, but it also saves money and not a little, especially if you follow it with an analytical eye.


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