RETROSCENA – Napoli, players as the first target. Only one choir against De Laurentiis


Today's edition of Corriere del Mezzogiorno analyzes what happened during the training that took place at the San Paolo stadium.

Yesterday there was a protest at the stadium St. Paul of Napoli supporters towards players during open-door training reserved for subscribers. The players represented the main target, on one occasion the president was targeted De Laurentiis with the choir "You're winning only yourself", an accusation against the patron of Naples that belongs to the classic repertoire of typhoid curve in recent years.

The choirs, as reported in today's edition of the newspaper Il Corriere del Mezzogiorno, were symbolically accompanied by some firecrackers and by the tossing of some coins. The organized supporter protagonist of the protest did not follow the training followed by about 200 fans, therefore a minimum percentage (around 2%) among those who were entitled (about ten thousand subscribers). And tomorrow there will be Napoli-Genoa, a race to be reckoned with.

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