RETROSCENA – Insigne submerged whistling, journalists "call him": the Magnifico's reaction


It was not a nice evening for Napoli. The Azzurri did not go beyond a disappointing 0-0 home draw against non-irresistible Genoa.

The sports editorial office of Channel 8 he analyzed what happened after the match between Napoli and Genoa. The Azzurri failed to win against the Griffins. Now the Neapolitans are at least twelve points from Inter, a team that, at least at the beginning of the season, was considered at least one step lower than the one coached by Carlo Ancelotti. The Nerazzurri, however, have started in the best way their new football year as opposed to Napoli.

Here is what the sports editorial staff reports about Channel 8: "Lorenzo Insigne it was submerged by the whistles of the San Paolo stadium. The footballer was visibly sad. On leaving the dressing rooms, passing through the mixed zone, the Magnifico reacted to the solicitations of the journalists present by going out with his head bowed. He was disappointed with what had happened at the San Paolo stadium. " Now Insigne, like so many other blues, will reach the national team. The hope of the Neapolitans is that a little "different" air can do them good.

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