REPUBLIC – Mutiny Naples, all premeditated in great secrecy! Dinner was already ready


According to today's edition of the Republic, the choice of Napoli players not to go on a retreat was premeditated.

The revolt of the locker room of Naples against the company is enriched by further background. According to the Republic, the mutiny of the Italian players was premeditated. The decision not to take part in the withdrawal imposed by the company would have been born before facing the Salzburg, and more precisely Tuesday afternoon, even before the team went to the San Paolo stadium. The purpose remained hidden throughout the evening.

"We are not back here tonight, we are going home. You can tell your father too …" begins this way Lorenzo Insigne in the locker room at the start. It is precisely the captain who communicates to the vice president Edo De Laurentiis the intention of the team: the first to leave the stadium is Dries Mertens, then it's up to all the others. And to think that in Castel Volturno a dinner for 30 people had already been prepared, to which only Ancelotti and his staff will take part.

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