Report cards of MEDIAGOL: PALERMO-SAVOIA 0-1. The audience of big occasions is not enough, Savoy goes to Barbera


The Palermo falls to the Barbera against a careful and cynical Savoy who gave very little to the formation of Pergolizzi. In the standings the Rosa still have nine points of advantage but woe to lower the guard. Worst in the field Ficarrotta, better …
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Of Fabrizio Anselmo
The Palermo falls to the Barbera against a careful Savoia which exploits a carelessness of the rosanero rearguard to punish the landlords. Little pink and confusing, but it is above all from the defeats that you learn something. Next Sunday the formation of Pergolizzi is awaited by the rear light Palmese, but woe to underestimate your opponents.

He is pierced by the left half-height of Diakite who hits the ball from a close but very angled position. He could have done something more but certainly the goal is not his mistake.

  • FALLANI (from 80 ’) S.V.
    Shortly after entering the field he makes a parade of pure instinct on Diakite that still keeps Palermo in play five minutes from the end.

Wrong time to exit on Diakite who steals two meters in just five of the field with a simple cut from behind. Forward you see little and nothing until the expulsion of Ficarrotta, then rises to restore the numerical parity but does not leave its mark. AMBRO (from 89 ’)

He sweeps all the balls that come his way and tries to reason in the possession phase.

Little reactive in Diakite's goal, Osuji escapes at the end, devouring the 2-0 one-on-one with Fallani.

He always closes the defensive diagonal by removing precious centimeters from the Savoy maneuver and constantly looks for the overlap to go to the cross (as in the case of Ricciardo's goal canceled for offside). As soon as he physically falls, he merely guards his camp area. LUCERA (from 80 ’) S.V.

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