REPORT CARD MEDIASET – Napoli-Genoa, only Koulibaly is saved! Outstanding undertones, so many failures


The editors of have compiled the report cards of the players of Naples and Genoa in relation to the San Paolo match.

In the fourth advance of the 12th day of Serie A, the Naples does not go beyond the 0-0 with the Genoa and he cannot leave the storm of these days behind. At the San Paolo first half really the undertone of the Azzurri, which are unrecognizable and center the door mirror only with Zielinski (16 '). In the second half Koulibaly denies a goal to Pinamonti, while Radu is good at Mertens, Fabian Ruiz and Elmas. Ancelotti remains seventh. Here are the votes of the editors of


Koulibaly 7 – Senegalese flawless race, which has the great merit of saving a goal already done by Pinamonti with a great intervention on the goal line.

Mertens 6 – The attackers are the most active and the last to surrender, both from the central point and once moved to the right.

Insigne 5 – In the viewfinder of the fans as the rebel leader, most whistles are reserved for him and his performance is really subdued.

Radu 7.5 – First half – Zielinski aside – as a non-paying spectator, in the second half he says no to Mertens and Fabian Ruiz and in the end he is miraculous about Elmas's header.

Pandev 7 – The identity card says 36 years, but in the field the Macedonian looks like a boy and his companions blindly believe in him. Almost all actions pass by his feet. Comes out of the applause of his former fans.

Agudelo 7 – It lights up intermittently, but when it has the ball between the feet it is a pleasure for the eyes. Fantastic the assist for Pinamonti that gets walled by Koulibaly.

Napoli (4-4-2): Ospina 6; Di Lorenzo 6, Maksimovic 6, Koulibaly 7, Hysaj 5.5 (39 'st Luperto sv); Callejon 5 (15 'st Llorente 5), Fabian Ruiz 6, Zielinski 5.5, Insigne 5 (21' st Elmas 6); Lozano 5.5, Mertens 6. A disp .: Meret, Karnezis, Tonelli, Mario Rui, Gaetano, Younes. All .: Ancelotti 5.

Genoa (4-3-1-2): Radu 7; Ankersen 6.5, Zapata 6.5, Romero 6.5, Pajac 6; Agudelo 7 (50 'st Ghiglione sv), Cassata 6 (43' st Radovanovic sv), Schone 6.5; Lerager 6; Pandev 7 (34 'st Cleonise 6), Pinamonti 6. Disp .: Jandrei, Marchetti, Gondaniga, Biraschi, Barreca, El Yamiq, Gumus, Sanabria, Jagiello. All .: Thiago Motta 7.

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