Renzi: "If the Democratic Party and the 5 Stars were to be voted today, they would have disintegrated"


«Going to vote now means totally delivering the country to Salvini. It's called masochism. If the Democratic Party and the 5-Star Movement choose to vote today, they will effectively disintegrate their representation in Parliament ". This was stated by Matteo Renzi interviewed at Linkiesta Festival in Milan. "I hope the government does not collapse, I work to go ahead," he added. If there is a government crisis we will follow the Constitution but now we have to think about solving problems ". The former prime minister then returned to claim to have contributed to the birth of Count II: "We managed to muzzle an attempt to destroy Italy's credibility. We have done a hygiene operation that saved a country from a dangerous risk ".

The appeal to the executive

The leader of Italy alive, interviewed by the director of the online newspaper Linkiesta Christian Rocca and the director of SkyTg24 Giuseppe De Bellis, explained that "those who wanted to go to vote for consistency would have turned Italy into a great Umbria. If someone gets up and says they are going to commit suicide, it happened with a cult in Texas, it could happen to grillini or the Pd but I don't suggest it, I prefer to talk about innovation and economy ". Now it is rather the time "to work on an investment plan in this country. Because I believe in Italy, I believed it when he was Minister Danilo Tornielli, let alone now »the ex premier concluded with a joke.

The criticism of Quota 100

Renzi then returns to one of the most disputed measures: "Quota 100 is an own goal for the country. It does not help those who have done a heavy job in retirement. They had already done the Bee. Quota 100 takes 200 thousand people and spends 20 billion to send them into retirement a year and a half earlier. It's a glaring mistake. But Quota 100 has a parliamentary consensus, such as citizenship income that costs less but is an educational mistake, because it educates to have a subsidy. Quota 100 betrays Salvini's approach: he does commercials and does not solve problems ».

The Regionals in Emilia-Romagna

In view of the Regionals of January 26 in Emilia-Romagna Renzi has renewed its support for the outgoing governor Stefano Bonaccini: «In Emilia-Romagna there is a good president who deserves to be re-elected because he is good. The regional elections should not be given more value than they have ».

The new party and the "appeal" to Forza Italia

Renzi is then certain that Italia viva will grow: "If I read the newspapers I would not vote – the senator joked -. The reality is another, a great change is taking place in Italian politics and is causing more shakes than it seems. This will be seen in the coming months. A repositioning on the right is underway and Salvini, who is intelligent, has noticed it ». The party is also ready for new arrivals, assures: "Doors open to those who want to come to this project, not as a guest but as a manager, is true for Mara Carfagna and other Forza Italia executives," said the former prime minister, replying to Carfagna who had said : "If Renzi said he no longer wanted to support the leftist government and had other ambitions, then" Forza Italia viva "could be a suggestion" -. But we do not pull the jacket, Italia viva is a natural landing for everyone, it is a matter of time ».

The Segre-Salvini meeting

The senator of Italy alive then commented on the meeting that took place in Milan between the living senator Liliana Segre and the leader of the League: «Matteo Salvini did well to visit her and to say that the euro is irreversible. As a citizen, I think it's thanks to what we're doing. We are producing a change of language and tones. Salvini understood that you do not go to vote. Start to change positioning ».

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