Renzi and Berlusconi's party closer and closer. "We natural landing, we await leaders". Carfagna opens at "Forza Italia Viva"


Technical tests of union between the new party of Matteo Renzi is that of Berlusconi. With the former secretary Pd, former architect of Pact of the Nazarene, to break again the delay after the already explicit openings of the last weeks to Leopolda: "Doors open to new leaders". The novelty, this time, is the possibilist answer. Everything is consumed on the stage of the theater Franco Parenti of Milan, at the festival de Linkiesta: "If Renzi declared that he no longer wanted to support the leftist government but had other ambitions, Forza Italia Viva it could be a suggestion", He says Mara Carfagna, senior manager of Forza Italia. And again: "Today Renzi and I are in two different halves," says the vice president of the Chamber, adding the difficulties that his party is going through: "Many, after 25 years, do not feel at ease in Forza Italia, today they feel at home with others ”.

Words of openness, those of Carfagna, which find more than one side in the intervention of Matteo Renzi, a few hours later, on the same stage. When asked to speak about his marriage to a part of Forza Italia, he does not hold back. Rather: "Open doors who will come to this project, not as a guest but as a manager. It applies to Mara Carfagna and other leaders of her party. But we don't pull the jacket, Italia Viva is a natural landing place for everyone, it is a matter of time ".

The stomach ache among the more moderate foremen, including the deputy who did not hide it in the past days, and the consequent approach to Renzi are due to the party's last abstention, together with the rest of the center-right, in the vote on Segre motion, seen as an excessive displacement in the direction of the sovraniste forces: “I get angry there psychological subjection towards the sovereignism – he continued -, it is harmful for our party, for international alliances. In no country do liberal parties suffer from subjection to the extreme right. I don't like it or accept it. "

Carfagna has so far ruled out his passage into the Renziani camp, asking the politician to Rignano sull'Arno to break away definitively from the tradition of the left, and from Pd, to position itself permanently in a central position that can be compatible with the values ​​of the liberal center-right: “My political field is and will remain the center-right – the Italian parliamentarian pointed out on Twitter – Between my journey and that of Matteo Renzi there can be no overlaps, he is in the other half of the field and supports a left-wing government ”.

No problem, however, for the former prime minister who presses: "I believe that a significant part of the world that has believed in the values ​​of Forza Italia will not be recognized in any case Salvini. Salvini, even if he makes a moderate turn, will not be able to represent that world. One part took it. Further on it does not go. Who has not gone with Salvini at the time of maximum consensus will not go there now. There is a part in Fi that is not in a sovereign design, even if it is watered down, which Salvini is doing ”. "There is a world in Fi that does not feel at home – he says, taking up the words of Carfagna – There is a part that does not take to the streets with Casapound. The Casa delle Liberta should not be confused with Casapound. And there is a part that does not agree with the abstention on the proposal of Liliana Segre. There is a political market that looks to us with interest. Very serious Forza Italia MPs are reflecting on what to do and I hope that in the coming days they can evaluate a membership of the Italia Viva groups ".

Precisely in order to favor this fusion, Renzi asks those who are interested not to be afraid of political labels, but to open up to "contamination":" We will do something new, the revolution of Italian politics, the more level personalities there will be, the better, the less it will be ad personam party the better. The next challenge of Italia Viva is knowing how to contaminate itself. If it is the small party or Renzi's party, we go in double figures anyway, if instead we expand to become a home for managers, professionals, workers who do not take a blood test to know where they come from can be a much bigger thing. "

And then he breaks with the dogma of the alliance on the left: "Today we have to build a new thing that is obvious that is not limited to the center-left, it is a embankment to all extremisms, Salvini also understood that he is chasing us, there will be people coming from different worlds, even from the right. Serious politics is made of in-depth study, I prefer to be unpleasant than to be incompetent ”.


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