Rent for an agreed fee does not break through in Milan, which is why it pays less


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The agreed fee is increasingly popular on the rental market. The Only Rentals study office shows that the type of contract most commonly used in the regional capital cities is the one with an agreed fee that increases again: from 68.2% in 2018 to 72.3% this year. The result was contributed by 3 + 2 contracts (42.3%), those for non-resident university students (12.9%) and transitory ones (17.2%).

To favor the success of the contract with agreed fee is the possibility for the owners to access the dry coupon at 10% (instead of 21%) and at a 25% discount on the IMU, measures currently confirmed in the Government's financial maneuver. All the new lease agreements signed by the Solo Rentals agencies in the last year in Ancona and Bari follow the agreed fee scheme while a 90% utilization rate is reached in Cagliari, Genoa and Perugia. Solo Affitti recorded very low usage rates in Milan (20.7%), a city in which fixed rental prices ("agreed" between owners 'and tenants' associations) are still far from market rents, making this contractual formula not convenient for home owners despite interesting tax breaks. The use of the "free 4 + 4" contract (from 27.2% to 24.8% in 2019) and those completely free (from 4.6% to 2.9% this year) is in sharp decline.

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