Remembrance day: Kate and Meghan ignore each other, William and Harry increasingly distant


It was a long time since William, Kate, Harry and Meghan had been seen together in an official event. And, after the statements of the Duke of Sussex, who admitted the existence of a tension between him and his brother in an interview for a documentary, many were curious to see what would happen at the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall, to which the royal family he participated in the great suit.

The first to arrive were Dukes of Cambridge: William in a blue suit and with military medals pinned to his chest, and Kate in a longuette dress of the same color, simple but elegant, completed by a pair of black necklines. The Duchess of Cambridge arrived under the arms of her husband, showing off one of her best official smiles, but during the evening, she was less impeccable than usual, giving some signs of impatience, perhaps due to fatigue.

The sister-in-law appeared in a completely different mood. Meghan Markle arrived at the Royal Albert Hall under a light rain, alongside her husband – he too, like his brother, in a blue suit and with medals in sight – and appeared simply radiant. Dressed in an elegant black dress with a wide skirt, a high waist and a V-neckline that enhanced her shape, the Duchess of Sussex stole the scene from the sister-in-law, showing off smiles and charm. And someone has not missed his continuous brushing against the tummy that, for the most dreamy fans, could be a revealing gesture of the reason for his dazzling smile: that it is coming a little brother for Archie?

Both the Cambridge and the Sussex have followed the evening from the royal box, with the closest members of the royal family, but the distance that separated them on the glacis of honor dedicated to the queen and her family, seemed not only physical, but also metaphorical. A mirror of the situation that, by the same admission of one of them, are experiencing what were once called the "fab 4".

The admission, perhaps too candid of Harry, of a cold relationship between his family and that of his brother, (and therefore, as a consequence also among their wives, Meghan and Kate), has inevitably created discontent at the palace, where it is in force. the rule that dirty clothes are washed in the family. Also because often, the feuds are only presumed, and artfully assembled by the ravenous British popular press. To look at them however, together but divided, close but distant, radiant and serene one, the others more tired and nervous, one thinks that the "crack" between them, does nothing but widen.

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