Regionals, Salvini: "In Emilia Romagna the second Berlin wall will fall"


About fifty protesters "Only with the insults have you already lost the game," Salvini said, addressing a group of protesters. In fact, a group of fifty people questioned the intervention of the former minister and Lucia Borgonzoni with boos. In addition to the boos, there was some verbal confrontation with the Northern League supporters but no brawl.

"Someone prepares the boxes" "Emilia is a land that deserves much more: I'm looking forward to January 26th when, finally, after 50 years we can choose change. You've seen how many people are listening. Protesters are not Emilia , Are about thirty nostalgics who have not realized that the wall has collapsed, "replied Salvini. "It was great to see the red flags in the churchyard but now there is someone very worried about the region that is preparing the boxes," he added.

"Smiles, proposals and work" The League leader added that "we will be touring Emilia Romagna by offering proposals, smiles and work, proposals for farmers and artisans and for those ruined by the failures of the red cooperatives and we will deal with post-earthquake reconstruction where others have slept".

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