Reggio Calabria, surrenders its "Scratch and Win" to a woman to be gallant: the lady wins 10 thousand euros, he almost faints [DETTAGLI]


8 November 2019 14:01

Reggio Calabria, a tragi-comic episode this morning at the Ricevitor Matchpoint Marcianò in Corso Garibaldi

Take a particularly showy woman who enters the bookshop. A man who wants to be a gallant and gives her his place. She wins 10,000 euros with the "Scratch and Win" he had already asked, and almost faints. It is not a bizarre directing of an Italian comedy, but in a nutshell what really happened this morning shortly after 09.30 at the note ricevitoria Matchpoint Marcianò of the Corso Garibaldi of Reggio Calabria.

It was precisely 09:37 when the customer entered the office and, waiting for the staff to free themselves to serve him, he asked with conviction: "as soon as you finish you give me that last ticket from the ‘Mega Billionaire’? ". But as soon as the staff got free and approached the customer to serve him, in the meantime the man had decided to give up his place to a lady who had just entered and was waiting for his turn in a row. The woman, who during the waiting had obviously been attracted by the last ticket shown right in front of her, chose it and after buying it and scraped it she discovered she had hit the "Jolly number"That in Mega Billionaire multiply by 10 the corresponding prize, discovering with enormous amazement that he won well 10 thousand euros (as we can see in the photos of the lucky ticket attached to the article).

So the gallant man, incredulous, almost felt ill.

The lady, in order to thank him, in any case granted him an appointment. But we doubt that it will be enough to make him recover from the shock.

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