Reggina, the best gift is you. Having broken every record, this is really the strongest amaranth team ever


10 November 2019 16:44

Reggina, a steamroller: beaten every record in the history of Amaranto, this is really the strongest team ever

Let the numbers speak for themselves: 14 games without defeats, 6 consecutive victories, 7 wins out of 7 at home and all the big ones already played (the most dangerous on the road). There Reggina of Mimmo Toscano today, thanks to the victory over Casertana, has beaten every record in its history by hitting the 14th consecutive useful result (10 wins and 4 draws) at the start of the season, overcoming the previous record that went back to the team trained by Claudio Tobia that in the 1983/1984 season the C2 series championship began (which would have easily won) with 13 consecutive useful results (10 wins and 3 draws), losing the 14th match 2-1 on the Licata field.

This Reggina it is much more, not only because we are in a Serie C round that with Bari, Ternana, Catania, Catanzaro, Monopoli, Potenza and Avellino is a sort of B2 series, but also because the superiority is total and absolute. The team of Tuscan has the best attack and the best defense of the tournament, every Sunday dominates the field for 90 minutes and in addition to the goals scored it touches many others. The technical gap is such that it looks like a class shot: the impression is that this team could fight for the promotion in Serie A if it played in Serie B.

Never in history has there been one Reggina so strong, in no category. And Reggio's audience, understandably in raptures, is enjoying it all. With the knowledge that under the leadership of the president Cock, this is just the beginning of a big step.

Reggina-Casertana, a setting for an extraordinary audience at the Granillo: spectator data and impressive collections for the C Series

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