Reform of the Mes, Di Maio calls for postponement. Government crisis at the gates?


Rome, 30 November – The question of Mes, the European "save state" fund, enters like a ram in the dynamics of the yellowish government. After the theme was vehemently raised by the opposition (Lega in testa) and following the statements of the Economy Minister Roberto Gualtieri – "The text is closed", he said – it is now the majority to have to deal with the revision of a treaty that, apart from Pd, does not seem to please anyone.

The M5S opposed to the reform of the Mes

Tomorrow a summit is scheduled at Palazzo Chigi. On the agenda, among other things, the European Stability Mechanism will be discussed. On which is recorded the sharp opposition of the leader M5S Luigi Di Maio: "Our banking system risks bankruptcy, there is a mad mechanism", explained the foreign holder referring not only to the reform of the Mes, but also to the proposals concerning the banking union which, according to the Germans, should punish those institutions – like ours – that hold important quantities of Government Securities in the portfolio.

The opposition to the Mes unites the entire pentastellata patrol between the Chamber and the Senate. So much to push – is the indiscretion – a ask for a postponement of the process of approval of the treaty reform, the first and crucial passage (before arrival in parliament) is scheduled for December 13 at the European Council. It is in this forum that Italy could veto, forcing the EU to rethink the entire plant proposed so far.

Crisis or not crisis?

On the political side, the position of the grillini is clear: "The theme is not the Mes itself, but whether it is a save state or a crumbling state. Yesterday we had a meeting of the parliamentary group of the 5 Star Movement and we all agree that this agreement must be improved, "added Di Maio.

Today, through a note issued by his collaborators, however, he excludes the possibility that a government crisis may arise on the subject: "Luigi Di Maio never said he wanted to bring down the government and it is not a thought that can be traced back to the political leader of the M5S", we read. And with regard to the Mes it is specified: "The political leader M5S is working together with the parliamentary group with the intention of making substantial modifications". If a denial is a news given twice, we will know it only after December 13th.

Nicola Mattei

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