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Nicolò De Devitiis recounts the story of Elena Proietti, the referee who was savagely beaten by a player and expelled by the Italian association of referees, who accused him of not being close to him

Elena Proietti is the former female referee all the newspapers are talking about. Attacked by a player in 2014 with a punch in the face during a first-class match, she was expelled by the Italian association of arbitrators.

Under "accusation" some of his vitriolic statements, released a year ago on TV: "The Hague didn't protect me, the only thing they asked me was the competition report for the sports judge, while I was still in the hospital ”. Nicolò De Devitiis meets Marcello Nicchi, who has been head of the Hague for ten years.

And of that woman referee, who in aggression lost his sight from his right eye and his hearing from his right side, explains: "You said that you were not protected and this is a lie. We went to the Minister of the Interior, today there is a law that you could even be arrested in the field ". And the attacker says: "For me that player who used that damage to Proietti he should no longer step on a football field: if you touch a referee you don't play football anymore! "

But Elena Proietti, approached by our Hyena, has a completely different vision.

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