Record-breaking Sarri: he has already done better than Conte and Allegri


Maurizio Sarri has already conquered Juve. His numbers for the first few months at Juventus are impressive, better even when compared with Conte and Allegri, the technicians who preceded it. Antonio revolutionized atmosphere and mentality, Max used a softer approach, holding the existing structure and gradually putting his touch. Sarri's approach was similar, with much better results at the moment.THE NUMBERS – The new Juventus coach has qualified, with the victory over Lokomotiv, with two rounds ahead of the Champions League round of 16: it hasn't happened since 2008! Not only that, as the Gazzetta dello Sport, he is still unbeaten in all the competitions from a November break. In the era of the eight league titles, it happened only in 2011/2012, a year without cups. Conte's first year at Juve was perfect, but as of today Sarri is no different. After 11 games, in the debut season, Conte had won 25 league points in 2011, Allegri had made 28 in 2014, Sarri … 29! In addition, in the first Champions League played, Conte and Allegri qualified for the round of 16 only in the last group match, unlike the current Juventus coach.

MARGINI – As recalled by the Journal, Sarri's Juve has a higher center of gravity than Allegri's (52.7 meters against 50.8), arrives more often in the area (11.4 shots against 9.6), and recovers the ball higher (at 37 , 2 meters against 36 a year ago). It is true that last season the Bianconeri's start was of a high level, with several brilliant matches. Sarri is still in a phase of evolution, tactics and more. There is a Douglas Costa to be reinstated full time, possibly in cohabitation with Ramsey, with the Welshman perhaps moved to the median. Then the management of Ronaldo, Higuain and Dybala. Juve still has huge margins for improvement, meanwhile Sarri has already done better than two sacred monsters like Conte and Allegri …

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