Reclamations P. Torres, Council still silent


PORTO TORRES – "We read on the media and on the Internet, that the majority and opposition of the Municipal Council of Porto Torres are confronted on the presence and absence of the members of the Civic Assembly. All this we believe is disqualifying, not only for those who spend time exchanging accusations, but for the entire institution they represent ”. This is how Ilaria Faedda, national secretary of the Psd’Az, is concerned about the political situation in the city and also about the grave stalemate with respect to coveted land reclamation.

We prefer the highest policy. This is why we wanted to attend a debate on very different issues, such as the deafening silence lowered on the reclamation of the Minciaredda site. Instead, we are witnessing a City Council, in its entirety, guilty of dumb about an issue of extraordinary importance from an environmental and public health standpoint. The timing of the remediation envisaged by Eni in the 2011 Memorandum of Understanding is abundantly skipped ”.

"We do not know when the State Multinational will finally free us of the poisons buried underground in the industrial area. We know, conversely, that the 5-star majority did not say half a word about the Nurtaghe project, which involves the construction of a landfill that will be among the largest in Europe. And to think that in the electoral program of Wheeler & C, the Pentastellati write that they are against the construction of new landfills and even the expansion of existing ones. The facts shamelessly disprove what the Grillini had promised: Scala Erre enlarged, landfill ASI expanded, megapiscarica ENI approved! The PSd’Az has always fought the policy of “six-legged dog”, this is testified by the numerous documents and interventions of the political representatives of the past Recommendations. This is why we do not agree that the City Council does not deign to address the topic, in order to inform the community about the "state of the art" of the reclamation of the Minciaredda site and the rest of the entire industrial area ".

"Our concern is that Eni's leaders have understood the political and institutional weakness of the Mayor and his majority, which, added to the inexplicable silence of the opposition, leave the field open to those who are showing that they do not make the interests of this territory, but exclusively his own, carrying out only renewable energy projects, made with foreign companies and workers, leaving in Porto Torres only some miserable crumbs … already exhausted. The Sardinian Action Party asks, as provided for in the Memorandum of Understanding, the urgent installation of the supervisory commission and control over compliance with the time schedule of the work, asks what has happened to Eni's commitment in training local businesses , so that they can participate in the tenders that the Multinational company announces ”.

“Just as we strongly demand to invest in our territory the 230 million euros set for the construction of the Bio masses plant, never built. For what concerns us, however, we will take action towards the Region and the Province to ensure that every instrument is put in place that imposes on ENI the respect of the commitments undertaken with all the Sardinian Institutions. This is our way of understanding politics, we leave it to others to express the utmost dedication to the problems of the citizens of Porto Torres, writing rivers of words about those who are absent or present in the City Council … simply mortifying for those who read them! "

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