Ready to form a Nazi party, right-wing extremists suspects: "We have weapons and explosives"


They wanted to establish an openly pro-Nazi, xenophobic and anti-Semitic inspiration movement called the "Italian National Socialist Workers' Party". This is what emerged from the investigations of the Digos of Enna and the Internal Anti-Terrorism Service, which led today to 19 searches throughout Italy against as many right-wing extremists. According to the investigations, some of the accused had also referred to the availability of weapons and explosives and had conducted recruitment activities through their social accounts.

The operation – which originated from a monitoring of extreme right-wing local militants – allowed the Digos of Enna and the Internal Anti-Terrorism Service of Ucigos to bring out the existence of a vast and jagged galaxy of subjects, residing in different localities, united by the same ideological fanaticism and intent on constituting an openly pro-Nazi, xenophobic and anti-Semitic inspiration movement called "Italian National Socialist Workers' Party".

From the surveys carried out by the Police state, it emerged that the accused – some of whom have on several occasions referred to an alleged availability of weapons and explosives – besides having defined the internal and territorial structure of the movement, created the symbol and drafted the program – openly anti-Semitic and denialist – they conducted recruitment and proselytizing activities by publishing content of the same content on their social media accounts. A closed chat called "Militia" was also created for the purpose, aimed at training militants.

Significant in this regard is the involvement – as a trainer – of a multi-prejudiced Calabrese, a former “legionary” and a leading exponent of the ‘ndrangheta, with a past as a collaborator of justice and a former representative of New Force for the western part of Liguria.

In this context, the association's attempt to obtain accreditation in various international circuits is evident, starting contacts with relevant organizations such as "Aryan Withe Machine – C18" – an expression of the neo-Nazi circuit Blood & Honor English – and the extreme right-wing party of Portugal "Nova Ordem Social ".

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This path has found concrete fulfillment on the occasion of the "Nationalist Conference" held last August 10 in Lisbon with the aim of creating a transnational alliance between the inspirational "National Socialist" movements of Portugal, Italy, France and Spain: under the circumstances, a suspect intervened as a rapporteur, distinguishing herself for the strong anti-Semitic rhetoric of her speech.

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