Ready redemption of the Mg.K.Vis Piadena


Reading time: 2 minutesPiadena (Cremona) – Ready redemption of the Mg.K.Vis Piadena that in front of the public friend it requires a measure against a fierce Sangiorgese LTC with the final score of 73 to 72 and thus rises to 8 points in the standings.

For this race coach Tritto recovers Leone but has to give up Giovara and deploys the starting five composed of Olivieri, Corno, De Ros, Vignali and Tinsley; while on the other side coach Quilici, back from a home defeat against Padova, responds with Berra, Bocconcelli, Leardini, Roveda and Toso.

The race sees a good start to the guest and after 3 'Bocconcelli signs the 2 to 8, but the locals recover and shortly after Tinsley and De Ros bring the premises back to -1, then at 7 ′ a triple De Ros gives the first internal advantage on 12 to 10 and is the same number 5 of the house to sign shortly after the first mini local extension , but the guests do not give up and in the final seconds the free throws of Leardini and Banchero sign the overtaking and close the first 10 'on the score of 16 to 18.

In the 2nd period after a balanced start, the Mg.K.Vis gives show and dragged by the MVP Horn (at the end they will be 25 points) stretches until it reaches an advantage of 11 lengths on the score of 39 at 28 at 17 ', but as often happens the boys of coach Tritto trudge and in the final the guests recover point by point and with Berra and Parlato they go back to -2 and go to the interval on the score of 40 to 38.

When you return from the long pause, you proceed point by point with the 2 alternating formations in command until the final seconds and a few seconds from the end of the 3rd time Colombo signs the 53 a 54.

In the last fraction the script does not change with the 2 teams always in contact and you arrive to the last 65 "with the Sangiorgese over 4 lengths on the score of 65 to 69, but at this point Corno enters the scene and the n.17 of the house together with captain Olivieri signs a partial of 8 to zero that pushes the Mg.K .Vis ahead of 4 lengths on the score of 73 to 69 to 3 "from the end, forcing coach Quilici to time out. At the resumption of the Bocconcelli game at 1 "from the end it signs the triple of the definitive 73 to 72.

PARTIAL: 16-18, 40-38, 53-54
MG.K.VIS PIADENA: Leone 4, Olivieri 13, Corno 25, De Ros 16, Vignali, Dal Maso 2, Tinsley 6, Giovara n.e., Lorenzetti 7, Sereni n.e., S.Ferrazzi n.e., Trevisi n.e. All .: Tritto.
Released for 5 fouls: Leone 39 ′.
LTC SANGIORGESE: Parlato 3, Colombo 10, Berra 11, Bocconcelli 25, Apuzzo, Leardini 5, Roveda 2, Banchero 10, Toso 6, Ganna, Fontana n.e., Idrissi n.e. All .: Quilici.
Released for 5 fouls: Berra 40 ′, technical foul on the team 17 ′.
REFEREES: Acella di Corato (BA) and Galluzzo di Brindisi.

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