Raz Degan to Verissimo, a sly question by Silvia Toffanin? Unthinkable reaction: "I am …"


Embarrassment for Raz Degan, guest a very true of Silvia Toffanin on Canale 5. Already, his famous slogan "are just my own", that of the equally famous spot, in fact returns powerfully topical. The point is that Toffanin tried to investigate her private life, about her new girlfriend. The director and actor initially unbuttoned himself:" She is a mermaid , but here we enter the private life of Stuart … This is his name, yes. I'm embarrassed. We can say that right now I am fine with her ". Already, Raz Degan immediately confessed:" I'm embarrassed ". So, after some other questions from Toffanin, she replied:" Yes, I'm not never was a person who brought privacy to light. I'm a bit old, even if things have changed today, there are social media. I have a lot of respect for my privacy. I published the photo because it is beautiful, it was a beautiful moment and it is a moment that makes you dream. I like to share the places with the fans ", concluded an increasingly mysterious Raz Degan …

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