"Ranking a pride, Lazaro new arrow. The injured …"


SAN SIRO – A comeback victory to turn the page and banish the nightmares before the break for the national teams. THE'Inter reacts after the defeat on the field of Borussia Dortmund and the 66 thousand spectators of San Siro find success against Verona. The rigor of Verre scares the nerazzurri, who in the second half overturn the result thanks to the goals of Vecino is Stretcher.

Antonio With you he analyzed the 90 minutes against the Scala at the usual post-match press conference. These are the first words of the Nerazzurri coach: "Honestly, after four months, seeing the ranking should give us great satisfaction and pride for everyone: players, staff and society. Being able to have 31 points in 12 games is something important. But it's the merit of these guys, even in the Champions League. We have shown that we can look into the eyes like Barcelona and Dortmund. It is normal that there are steps to be taken. In these 4 months we have worked a lot and I have to thank the players and all the people who work at Inter. I found a great availability. Also for this reason we are again at the top of the rankings, after 12 games and after matches in the Champions League after which our fan was proud of how we played against teams that are ahead as experience. I can only thank those who are working around us".

GOALS OF CENTROCAMPISTS – "After the break it will be important for us to find continuity. My idea of ​​the game is very important. We started with the midfielders' goals, then Lautaro and Lukaku – but also Sanchez – started to score goals. We have midfielders who have characteristics to score with Vecino and Gagliardini. Barella must increase his loot: today he made a great goal but he must improve. But also Sensi and Brozovic. I expect them to do well, then they understood that we have a way of rotating between the championship and the Champions League".

INJURED – "We must look to ourselves. We would only hurt ourselves by looking at others. We must do our best. I am proud of our performance. It was the seventh game in 20 days and we put a lot of intensity into it. The next game is in 15 days. We have to recover Sensi, who today asked me to stay close to the team, as Ranocchia had done. Gagliardini played with more continuity. Vecino also: with the injury of Gagliardini he played and proved to be doing well. They are guys who need positive situations. I think this was important. I expect a lot from them. We must recover. D'Ambrosio is a generous person. Except for Sanchez and Politano, we should all recover. Also for me it is good for not having water in the throat in the choices".

ROTATION – "All players can be resources. The decision to bring Candreva to the bench is important. It gave me the chance to play with two wings. When they play, he and Lazaro can become important. I am happy for Lazaro because we wanted it, we studied it with its characteristics. He's a guy who needs positivity. Today I find myself a new arrow in my bow. Dimarco and Borja Valero? They are training well. I make the choices based on the game, I'm lucky to have very good guys".

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