Ramsey reveals: "My goal, but I apologized to Ronaldo"


TO Interact Esporte, Aaron Ramsey reveals a background on Moscow's goal. And on Ronaldo's "anger" …THE FIRST GOAL – "We came to this match to win, to find the qualification for the next round. We are happy to have obtained it. The goal? Eh, I am invaded by a bit contradictory feeling about my network, because I thought the goalkeeper was closer to me and my instinct told me to kick it. I apologized to Cristiano for that, but these are things that happen on the pitch. Anyway, we're happy to be qualified. "

ON THE BRAZILIANS – "They are strong, very important to us. Douglas scored a great goal, coming off the bench, an incredible impact once again. We are really happy to have them, they are important."

PHYSICAL PART – "It was a bit frustrating, but unfortunately I arrived already injured and lost the preseason. Sometimes it happens, especially at the beginning of the year. But now I feel good, I hope it continues".

* Translation by the editorial staff of IlBianconero.com

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