Railways: Italo launches the largest green loan ever in the transport sector


Italo, Europe's leading private company in the high-speed rail transport sector, announces that it has signed a "green" bank loan of € 1.1 billion.

The operation, which strengthens Italo's commitment to environmental sustainability, it's a milestone in Green Financing, representing the largest "green" loan ever issued in Italy, and, for the transport sector, worldwide.

Italo it owns and manages a fleet of electric traction trains composed of the latest generation AGV trains and the new EVO trains. The proceeds of the operation will be used to refinance the current ones green investments by Italo € 900 million as well as to support further investments in its modern and efficient fleet.

Traveling with Italo from Rome to Milan, 79% of CO2 emissions are saved compared to car use and 85% compared to the aircraft. The 98% of the materials used in the production of Italo trains are recyclable.

Gianbattista La Rocca, CEO of Italo, he has declared: "With today's signing we have signed the largest "green" bank loan in the world in the transport sector. We are very proud of it because today Italo is recognized as a global leader in sustainability. Added to this is a contextual improvement in the terms and conditions of our financial structure".

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