Rai fee and car tax: when the abolition?


When it comes to tax reform and cancellation of taxes, the thought of many Italians goes to car tax is Rai fee, because, according to surveys, these are the most hated tributes. In recent days, rumors have circulated, also fueled by titles with a lot of emphasis, on the abolition of car and Rai license fees.

Rai fee and car tax: achievable dreams?

Abolition of car tax thanks to Spread savings: the hypothesis of eliminating one of the most tormenting taxes for Italians is back. This time he is the deputy premier M5S, Luigi Di Maio to make this proposal.

Most likely with a well-established business plan spread decline could intervene for reduce or even eliminate totally the car tax, the tax that leads to the Regions about 6.5 billion euros a year. A very high sum, which would take care of paying the State directly.

Even longer and more difficult is the road toabolition of the Rai license fee. There is no certain date for the abolition of the latter, to which are added the items on the alleged refunds of the TV license fee. Unfortunately we have to repeat and confirm that we are dealing only with classic attempts phishing, or online scams, often by text message or email. Pay attention to emails with subject: "RE: RAI refund – A8005W”Which promise alleged reimbursements on the Rai license fee.

The company he distanced himself from these communications by reiterating that they are not official. In this case, the live advice we give you is to report any suspicious email and do not open the link for any reason whatsoever.

The RThe risk is that of leaving hackers free to enter your PC and thus to take possession of personal data, including access to Bank account.

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