'RADIO PENSIERI', PRUZZO: "Fonseca made it clear that he wants to leave the Europa League"


That of the Roman radios it is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality of stations to act as a platform, one array of gjournalists, former footballers and columnists to animate the show. Here are the opinions of protagonists of radio stations.

Xavier Jacobelli (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "Roma was damaged by refereeing errors but yesterday I was expecting another performance."

Franco Melli (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "I thought Rome would win, given the balance in the field. Pastor, Kluivert have had good chances. The goals that Roma took show down in concentration. You can't go there to play and dose your efforts. If you want to go ahead and honor the competition, you have to do it differently ”.

Furio Focolari (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "Roma played better, but Mr. Kluivert has to tell us in the area what he went to do."

Roberto Renga (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "Roma had a penalty against invented, an own goal was made yesterday and the one in 95" is another gift with Thuram that is left alone. Yesterday he didn't play badly, in the second half I saw her much better. Kluivert had two sensational chances, it is not possible to miss two goals like that. When Fonseca took Zaniolo out he put Under, he didn't cover up by putting Florenzi. He tried to win the game because he saw that his team was much better than their opponents. In the last few minutes the result was given ”.

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "I'm not sure that Rome wanted to win. I give him 5. Italian teams snub the Europa League a little. Of course, in order not to spend the shift this time, you really have to commit yourself, eh? Smalling? In the goals taken he is always on the wrong side. Perotti better than not entering, Under did not take a ball. Fonseca has clearly said that he can't wait to get out of the Europa League. In front of you at certain times you struggle, Dzeko alone can't do it, but you have no alternative. Behind you have given so much against a team that had only two points. We cannot believe that those are first in the Bundesliga ”.

Nando Orsi (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "The Rome seen yesterday does not reach sufficiency, for me it did not deserve more. The goal taken last is ridiculous, with a general defense sleep. The absence of the Var is an alibi ".

Stefano Petrucci (Teleradiostereo 92.7): Borussia, not Rome, deserved a point in two games. You should be stronger to overcome Fazio's dumb mistake, born however from an incomprehensible linesman's mistake. Only in one thing is Rome similar to that of recent years, that is, in bad luck ”.

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