'RADIO PENSIERI', LENGUA: "Florenzi paid something that goes beyond tactical speeches"


That of the Roman radios it is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality of stations to act as a platform, one array of gjournalists, former footballers and columnists to animate the show. Here are the opinions of protagonists of radio stations.

Francesco Balzani (Sport Sound Center 101.5): "I expect the same line-up against Borussia M'Gladbach, with doubt Diawara in midfield and Mancini behind. I find it right that Fonseca continues to focus on the same players because they are doing well. Today Rome does not need Florenzi: Kluivert did well this month, Spinazzola ditto as a fullback. In my opinion Florenzi will be the first or second change for the attack: in a month Roma have never lost in the league, because Fonseca should risk putting a nervous player, who in the last two games has made three bullshit? "

Gianluca Lengua (Radio Radio – 104.5): "We need to understand if Conte still likes Florenzi. The situation is not simple, he would not want to go abroad and the prosecutor is taking action waiting to understand what Fonseca wants to do. The Portuguese coach made an important decision: take out the captain of the Roma. Florenzi paid something that goes beyond tactical speeches. We see only 5% of what happens in Trigoria. Some Florenzi behaviors did not please some senators of the team. The Fazio seen in the Europa League is worse than him. Today the real captain is Dzeko ”.

Roberto Renga (Radio Radio – 104.5): "It must be borne in mind that Florenzi was called up for the national team. By putting ourselves in his shoes, we understand how he is not happy with all that is happening in Rome. Florenzi is paying, in addition to the subjection of the coach, his generosity or selfishness of not having a precise role. Fonseca does not see it, it could be sold. Inter would do very well, but with Vecino the Giallorossi are doing nothing to us ".

Franco Melli (Radio Radio – 104.5): "I think the call-up to the national team can console me marginally. There has never been a splendid relationship between Rome and Florenzi, but nevertheless respect. The Giallorossi outside has been set aside a little. Perhaps even some controversy of the fans in the past has influenced, even if as we are seeing his exclusion has not caused a sensation. If there hadn't been a stop against Gladbach, I would have said that Roma would have gone to Parma with confidence. Instead, I say that they are the revelation of the championship. A trap game where however the Giallorossi are favorites … Not that much though ".

Furio Focolari (Radio Radio – 104.5): "It is true that before the injury Florenzi seemed to be one of the strongest. He is an average player, but it must be said that what is happening to him is a bad thing. He doesn't deserve it. The call to the national team gives him some confidence, Mancini calls him to stimulate him. Spinazzola is better than Florenzi, but Santon … Fonseca must explain to us how it is possible that, in a situation of total emergency, Alessandro is never used. Either the Portuguese technician does not see it or the deromanization is continuing. For me it is not just a technical question ".

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "At Tradini it will not be easy, Parma proved to be a tough team when there is an important race. Roma will have to watch out for Gervinho because D’Aversa counts a lot on his restarts. But the Giallorossi have the chance to continue the winning march in the championship. I expect more from Kluivert and Under, they must be more decisive, in attack you can't rely only on Dzeko. It is the case that Florenzi starts looking around. I think that when he was put in the upper left corner it was a signal that the coach who didn't see him. It can be there ”.

Nando Orsi (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "Roma in the league is playing fairly well, and Fonseca is catching some players. It will be an important round, winning would be a great signal to the championship before the break. I expect three points for the Giallorossi ".

Sandro Sabatini (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): "Roma in Europe has been penalized by some referees' choices while in the league it is doing well and in Parma it starts as a favorite".

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