Racism, says "that seal is a negr …": a Northern League assessor in the Brescia area resigns


Previously Binda had delegations given in the hands of the mayor of the town, Gianpietro Maffoni. "The young age of Councilor Binda – he underlined – or the playful context in which the sentence was pronounced cannot in any way justify the content serious and unacceptable. I therefore appreciate the gesture of Binda, who has decided to resign as an assessor showing that she has understood her mistake. "

Binda had defended himself at first speaking of a video "shot in private and in a context totally of irony"and an expression (" negro ", ed) which it considers "common in a private context". The young city councilor then reported to the local media: "Given this fury towards me, moreover, from people who have escaped all my attempts at explanation and dialogue, I have already taken action in the appropriate forums, asking for the intervention of the carabinieri and the police post ".

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