Quargnento, the owner of the farmhouse confesses. Three firemen died in the explosion [NOME e DETTAGLI]


9 November 2019 10:12

Explosion of Quargnento, carried out in the investigation by the public prosecutor of Alessandria. Giovanni Vincenti collapses after ten hours of interrogation

Investigations into the farmhouse explosion a Quargnento where three firefighters died. To confess, after ten hours of interrogation is Giovanni Vincenti, the owner of the farmhouse exploded: the man seems to have been heavily indebted and caused the attack to defraud the insurance. His wife investigated on the loose Antonella Patrucco. According to the investigative hypothesis, Vincenti wanted to damage the building and not kill but was nevertheless criticized for multiple murder because he did not warn rescuers of the presence of 5 gas cylinders.

Yesterday morning at the Cathedral of Alexandria there were held funerals of the three firefighters. Great emotion, last night, for thearrival of the body of Nino Candido at the airport of Reggio Calabria where today at 2 pm the funeral will be held at the Cathedral of the city of the Strait.

Quargnento, the owner of the farmhouse confesses. The Prosecutor: "full confession"

"Giovanni Vincenti confessed in an exhaustive and complete manner giving full feedback to the elements acquired during the search". Thus the chief prosecutor of Alexandria, Enrico Cieri.

Quargnento, the Prosecutor Cieri: "Vincenti had heavy debts"

"The precise reconstruction of the debt situation has not yet been completed, it is in progress, however both he and his wife have declared to us with absolute evidence that they were deeply indebted even though it probably concerned the borrowing banks, but they told us that they had heavy debt exposure. ". This is what the attorney of Alexandria said in a press conference Enrico Cieri.

Quargnento, the owner of the farmhouse confesses: "insurance stipulated in August"

"The action completed by Giovanni Vincenti" was aimed at achieving the insurance premium that had been stipulated last August due to the malicious fact of others ". This is what the chief prosecutor of Alexandria said in a press conference Enrico Cieri.

Quargnento, in the house of Vincenti found the leaflet of the timer

The turning point in the investigation was the finding in the house of Giovanni Vincenti of the instruction leaflet of the timer that the man kept on the bedside table in the bedroom. The prosecutor explains it Enrico Cieri during the press conference.

Quargnento, the Prosecutor: "involvement of the child? I don't say anything "

"We say nothing about the future prospects of investigations". This is the answer to those who asked the prosecutor of Alexandria the involvement of the arrested child.

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