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There was great anticipation for Antonio Conte's conference after the Dortmund trips. Among the fans and experts, two parties were formed: that of those who supported the Count-thought and those who believed, or believed, that the concepts expressed in the belly of the Werstfalen Stadium were the beginning of inter-entire self-destruction.

Personally critical the technician for the ways and tones used last Tuesday with the moral in pieces for the absurd comeback suffered by Borussia. Ways and tones sons of the rough and sanguine character of the character that is not absolutely polically correct and that sometimes believes, exaggerating, to be the number one able to transform water into wine, if adequately supported.

I immediately say that the game on German soil is the photograph of the merits of the coach Count (first time sublime, photocopy of the one played at the Camp Nou with Barcelona) and the current limits (second part played without resorting to tactical corrections that could stem the predictable reaction of the gialloneri and the devastating action on the right wing of the young Hakimi, author of an absolutely avoidable one-two). The Inter designed by Antonio Conte, at the moment, is proving to be a team able to beat anyone playing to the maximum intensity that the technician asks and infuses during training during the week, but to go into great difficulty when the energies are less and there would need to be a different management of the tenders in order not to expose the defense to attacks that are giving birth to goals suffered quite similar, despite the high individual value of the three that make up the backward department.

That said, the league team is second to a single point from Juventus or the various Juventus that even good Sarri can dispose of and in the Champions League is not over yet. Recall that if the Nerazzurri manage to win the last two races, in Prague with Slavia and Meazza with Barcelona, ​​qualification for the second round would come without having to look at the results of the others. Difficult, but not impossible, but the European destiny of the Beloved depends solely and exclusively on Inter.

Returning to the communication topic, Antonio Conte yesterday, in my opinion, was almost perfect. It is not set back by a comma on the main concept, avoiding however to externalize it in that way last Tuesday was offensive to the company and to players who cannot overly pay the origin from minor clubs. Indeed, the former national team coach praised the team for their work, thanking the players for their results despite the difficulties they encountered due to too many injuries and a shortage of numbers to resort to adequate rotations when playing lots of games at short mail tour.

Conte said yesterday things that the vast majority of the Nerazzurri people have been thinking about for the last nine years, namely that a club like Inter should not be content to participate in order to get a place in the Champions League, but that they are tools to fight back to win , it imposes history and blazon. "They called me to change the engine speed", said Conte several times, who added among the many things expressed: "I am this, I cannot distort myself". He does not consider it a vent then that of Dortmund, but a constructive discourse to be shared with the management to try in a united and compact way to build a team capable of changing gear with respect to the now too long post-triplane period.

It does not seem to me that such a thought risks hurting a project carried out by a property that many clubs envy in this historic moment of Italian football and Conte himself appreciates the enthusiasm and speed with which he responded to the call of the family Zhang. Regardless of the generous salary paid. It is a strategy, he himself defined it this way, apt to raise the bar with a good chance of arriving at checkers given the fertile ground on which the work began.

Meanwhile, today we return to the field, at the Meazza comes Verona that has the leg and the desire. Once again, sixty-five thousand will come to the Temple to encourage and support the Nerazzurri jerseys. Mandatory three more points, despite injuries, fatigue and disappointment for what happened on European Tuesday. Inter must stay with their nails and teeth attached to the train that counts in the championship. Then, after the break, he will also try to do the business in the Champions League. Those who believe in the field and off is from Inter. An Inter called to change engine revs.


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