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On 4 November, production began in Zwickau Volkswagen ID.3, the first car designed, born and grown 100% electric of the house in Wolfsburg. Almost a month after the start of production of this interesting novelty, they let Volkswagen know that building an ID.3 costs about 40% less compared to the other electric home, the e-Golf.

Volkswagen, on November 4 begins the production of ID.3

This important saving was achieved thanks to an excellent job of economics of scale and the new MEB platform, developed specifically for electric-powered cars. These advantages were explained by the same Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess who, during an event dedicated to investors, stated: "If you focus on an electric platform, including everything, you have one 40% reduction compared to the costs of the previous electric Golf. GPart of the savings depends on the battery system. Another 5-10% depends on whether it was decided to dedicate an entire production center to electric cars".

Indeed, e-Golf is nothing more than a conversion of “normal” Golf, plans from the beginning as a car with a combustion engine and not optimized to be an electric car. The great advantage in terms of production costs of the ID.3 could therefore allow VW to reach an important milestone: match the cost of selling an electric car with that of a traditional car, an important point to increase the sales volume of this type of car.

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