Priest arrested for sexual abuse of an 11-year-old child in Caserta, the case was reported by the Hyenas


Priest arrested for abuse of a minor in Caserta, the case was denounced by the Hyenas

He wanted nothing more than the priest the harassed, so he recorded with the phone the meetings held with the priest in the parsonage rectory collecting relevant elements that led to the arrest of the man. The 12-year-old girl, a victim of death, did everything by herself abuse of don Michele Mottola, parish priest in Trentola Ducenta (Caserta) until May of this year, then suspended by the diocese of Aversa. A canonical process is underway against him.

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"Leave me alone, you don't have to touch me anymore", is one of the emblematic phrases that the little girl recorded while talking to the priest; "It's just a game, we don't do anything wrong" are the other significant words pronounced by the priest instead and ended up in the recordings delivered by the child's parents last May to the policemen of the Commissariat of Aversa and made to listen to the diocese, which immediately suspended don Michele from the service, informing the Naples North Public Prosecutor.

Meanwhile, investigators from the State Police led by Vincenzo Gallozzi have also collected testimonies. The circle on the reconstruction of the story ended with the probative incident that put the victim and executioner facing each other; the brave little girl confirmed that the abuses had been going on for some time, while don Michele defended himself saying that the minor was ranting. Meanwhile, the child's parents have turned to the TV program "Le Iene" to get the story out in all its drama.

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